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Mac Installation Guide

We'll walk you through how to download, install, and set up the Trivory for TVs desktop program for Mac computers.

Before you start

If you are using the Mac only or primarily to run a smart display, then we recommend configuring it to automatically log in without a password whenever it turns on or restarts.

Please see How to log in automatically to a Mac user account.

You may wish to create a new user account on the Mac just for Trivory. We recommend using a Standard user account instead of an Administrator user account.

Please see Add a user or group on Mac.

Download and install

  1. On the Mac you want to set up, go to
  2. Choose "Mac"
  3. Click "Download"
  4. Once it's downloaded, open the disk image file which will be called Trivory for TVs-1.0.0-universal.dmg
  5. Drag "Trivory for" into the "Applications" folder, then close the window.
  6. To open the program, click on "Launchpad" in the dock, and then find and open Trivory for TVs.

Set up

When you open the Trivory for TVs program for the first time, a fullscreen window will open on every display that is connected to the Mac. If you have multiple displays, you can configure each display independently.

For each display that you want to use:

  1. Click "Yes, set up this display"
  2. Enter a setup code (each display needs its own setup code)
    • If you don't already have a setup code then click here to learn how to generate one.

On any displays that you don't want to use, click "No, don't ask again"

Once you're all done, click here to go to Step 3: Adjust display options for the TV.

Things to note

  • Once you have set up at least one display, Trivory for TVs will configure itself to automatically start whenever the Mac turns on and you log in. To change this, click the three dots in the top right corner, and then click "Turn on/off automatic start".
  • The Trivory for TVs program will display itself above all other programs, and will hide the dock and menu bar. This is to prevent other windows or popups from covering up the display.
  • To exit the Trivory for TVs program, click the red X in the top right corner, or press Command + Q on your keyboard.
  • If you click "No, don't ask again" on one of several displays but later change your mind, or if you want to change the order of multiple displays:
    • Click the three dots in the top right corner on any of the set up displays, and then click "Restart setup for all displays".
    • This will re-open the setup screen on all displays, giving you another opportunity to pick which displays to set up.
    • After clicking "Yes, set up this display" on any display, you will get to choose from one of the already linked displays, or link a new one.