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Trivory for TVs Setup Guide


We're here to help!

If you get stuck on any step of these instructions, please let us know! We're ready, willing, and able to provide one-on-one support. Email us at [email protected].


We use the term "TV" to encompass any television, display, or monitor screen.

Step 1: Create a new TV in the Trivory Dashboard

Add the TV in the Trivory Dashboard to generate a setup code, which you'll need to install Trivory on the TV.


You need a Trivory Dashboard account with full access at your school in order to complete this step. If you don't have access, you can send these instructions to someone who does and ask them to complete this step for you and give you the setup code.

  1. Log in to the Trivory Dashboard at from any device.
  2. Click "Link a TV".
  3. Give the TV a unique name so that you can identify it later.
  4. Choose the display options for this TV. Don't worry, you can come back and change these options at any time later, even after you've installed Trivory on the TV.
  5. Click "Save and Continue" to generate a setup code for this TV.

Step 2: Install Trivory on the TV

Trivory for TVs is a webpage that runs in the web browser on the computer/device connected to the TV.

The goal of this step is to configure the computer/device to:

  1. Display the webpage in fullscreen.
  2. Automatically open it whenever the computer/device turns on.

If you already know a way to display a webpage in fullscreen on the computer/device, then please click here.

Otherwise, please choose which type of computer/device is connected to the TV for installation instructions. If you aren't sure which type of computer/device it is, please ask IT or contact us for help.

Installation Guides

If your computer/device isn't on this list, please contact us. We're here to help!

Step 3: Adjust display options for the TV

Log in to the Trivory Dashboard at from any device to configure display options for any linked TVs. You can customize what is displayed, the zoom level, the language, and screen saver options.

Adjust zoom level

The default zoom level might be too large or too small for the TV. Adjust the zoom percentage to make sure the display is readable from the appropriate viewing distance.

Use the screen saver to avoid burn-in


Trivory for TVs will prevent your computer/device from going to sleep, so the default Windows or Mac screen savers won't work. Trivory for TVs has a built-in screen saver that you can configure for each TV from the Trivory Dashboard.

Some TVs or monitors are susceptible to screen burn-in (image retention) when displaying the same image for an extended period of time. Determine the type of TV or display to check if it's susceptible to burn-in. If you aren't sure what type of TV or display you have, find a model number and look it up online.

LCD or LED displays

Your TV or monitor most likely has an LCD or LED display, which are less susceptible to burn-in.

By default, Trivory for TVs will display a screen saver overnight and on no school days. This should be enough to mitigate burn-in for LCD or LED displays.

OLED displays

New OLED TVs or displays are more susceptible to burn-in and so you should take more precautions to mitigate it.

  • Make the screen saver show for longer. By default, Trivory for TVs will display a screen saver overnight from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Consider lengthening this time to give the TV more rest.
  • Make the screen turn off overnight. We highly recommend configuring the TV or monitor to automatically turn off overnight. This will both avoid burn-in and save energy. Ask IT for help with this.